Archive to Cloud

Archival data consumes a huge part of an enterprise’s available data storage capacity. Keeping the archival data on-premises adds costs, increases complexity and affects business productivity.

Reduce the cost of data storage and lighten your storage infrastructure by moving the larger chunk of archival data to the cost effective data archival solutions in enterprise clouds such as Azure, AWS, and other clouds.

A cloud archive is a storage as a service for long-term data retention. The archive holds data that is infrequently accessed, and may be optimized for security and compliance with data regulation policies.

Cloud vs. tape

The cloud is an alternative to on-premises tape, which is frequently used to archive data for long-term retention. To replace tape, a cloud archive must match tape’s low cost, longevity, scalability and security. Tape has the advantage of portability; it can be shipped across locations without the need to rewrite data. Cloud’s advantages are geographical redundancy that mitigates the risk of data loss from hardware failures, advanced search capabilities and the elimination of costs from technology refreshes.

Cloud archive vs. cloud backup

A cloud archive should not be confused with a cloud backup.

Just as there are differences between on-premises archive and backup, cloud archive and cloud backups are not the same thing. Backup involves copying data at regularly scheduled intervals, and often involves data that has changed. Cloud archiving moves data off-site once and that data will not be changed after it goes to the cloud. Archiving is usually done to free up storage space for more frequently accessed data.

Transparent cloud storage migration SDK

EaseTag offers a complete cloud archiving solution that’s transparent, durable, and extremely low-cost. EaseTag tiered storage SDK is simple to develop the archiving solution for a variety of enterprise data such as medical record storage, PACS archiving, surveillance video data archiving, and more.

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